Federal Committee Member

Below you can find the current published candidacies for the position of directly elected Federal Committee Member of JEF Europe. Sixteen persons can be elected for this position.

Melanie Thut

Contact Melanie

EMAIL: melanie.thut@jef.eu; melaniethut@gmail.com

Hi everyone! My name is Mel, I am 25 years old and have been member of JEF for 5 years now. I started as president of the beautiful German local section Heidelberg/Mannheim, was parallelly delegate of the trinational council of JEF Oberrhein and joined the German executive board later in 2021. Here I was responsible for International Affairs and organized the famous International Berlin Seminar or a study trip to Tirana in 2022 for example. At the FC in Prague in 2022 I was furthermore elected to be the Co-Chair of the JEF Europe Task Force for the European Election Campaign #EurHope together with our president Antonio. It is amazing to see how our campaign evolved, how we have been able to boost the consultation platform together and localize the campaign with events in different national sections. The spirit in the Task Force has been inspirational and productive so far and I am very excited about the hot phase of the campaign that is now laying ahead of us. In my non- JEF life (is there even such a thing?!) I started a Master’s degree at the beautiful College of Europe Natolin Campus in September 2023 after I completed an Erasmus Mundus Master’s degree in Political Economy at the universities Glasgow, Barcelona and Göttingen this summer where I was able to conduct a field research in the village of my grandmother in Eastern Romania for my Master’s thesis. I am interested in Feminist Foreign Policy, European Neighborhood Policy and post- communist transformation processes in Europe.

For the next mandate I am delighted to run for member of the Federal Committee to continue my work as Co-Chair of the Task Force European Elections. The upcoming elections of the European Parliament next year are a crucial event in our common European history and I feel the personal urge to get involved in this serious matter. Through the Task Force I see the unique chance to continue using my JEF experience in coordinating superordinate processes, bring the interests of both the national, local and European JEF levels together and contribute to a creative and inclusive environment. Through our campaign we have been able to already establish high level cooperation with institutions all over Europe and gain a great visibility. I believe that we as an organization can seize this framework in the next month to push our vision of a United Federal Europe on various levels and continue the historical work of our predecessor in a time of poly crises where this spirit is oftentimes lost. Not only will we be active on a European level, even more important will be the activities, events and conversations in our local sections. I remember the election campaign in 2019 in my city very vividly, how we organized street stalls to promote the election, panel discussions with candidates of different parties or trainings for young people about the significance of the elections. This time was very inspirational for me and gave me the spark to evolve even more with JEF, our beliefs and visions for the future. I would love to bring this spirit back to the campaign of this year and play my part in a successful 2024 campaign. Therefore, I hope for your trust and I am at your disposal for any questions.

About Me

Hello everyone! My name is María, I am 26 years old and I’ve a member of JEF Spain since 2021. Currently, I am working at UCLM on an internship at the International Doctorate School where I coordinate different international projects for university students and combining it with my Ph.D. studies. I have been such an active member in my section, JEF-Castilla Mancha where I have been working as Secretary, Vicepresident and President and after that, as the Vicepresident of Spain. I came from a rural area, Castilla-La Mancha, and I am really in touch with everyday problems that young people can have on accessing to European opportunities, especially as a woman. I have participated in different international projects that put everyone together as young Europeans and help us to grown not only as professionals but also personally. I know that United in Diversity are some words that we use almost daily when it comes to European terms, but, I really believe in their importance and enhancing not only our similarities but what make us diverse to help us grown stronger as a community.

Motivation for the position

Something I am proud about my participation in JEF these last years is the development of the Ursula Hirschmann project, where we put a lot of effort of putting female jefers together to fight against inequality and empowering women to raise their voices against any type of violence or discrimination against women not only in Europe but all around the world. As it is in our values, federalism is the key for keeping us all together, no matter where do we came from but as people. For this reason, I’ve organized different activities at regional and national levels such as political debates, seminars, and the pre-program of Castilla-La Mancha to enhance multiculturality and critical thinking on participants. All these experiences have bring me to applying as a member of the FC, I want to bring these values and experiences to help JEF Europe to grow as much as possible and to create new projects which will enrich all the participants and their sections.

My Vision of the Future of JEF

As I’ve explained before, my compromise with JEF is nothing but clear for me because I really wish that Spain can be an active participant in all the issues regarding JEF Europe. I want to be involved in new projects that help us to reach out different communities and national sections in terms of growing up together through educational projects and cultural exchanges which help us to improve communication all around Europe.

My Opinion on the needed Political Commissions and Task Forces / Working Groups

In my opinion, we really need to focus on educational projects to enhance multiculturality and to strengthen European values in all the sections. We must keep working on spreading the values of democracy, equality, and diversity to bring us together as a European youth plenty of hope for the future.

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