Executive Board Member

Below you can find the current published candidacies for the position of Executive Board Member of JEF Europe. Four persons can be elected for this position.


Contact Aléxandros

EMAIL: kk.apostolidis@gmail.com

About Me

I am a passionate JEFer since 2012 and the International Officer of JEF Greece since 2016. Through JEF, I am also a board member of the Alumni Network of the European Charlemagne Youth Prize in charge of political contacts and of the communication with the European Parliament and the Charlemagne Foundation. I hold a Bachelor’s in International and European Studies and a Master’s in Democratic Education and Social Competences, and I am now starting my second Bachelor’s in Law. I am currently working for the Franco-German Forum for the Future and in the last years I have gathered valuable experience in the University Grenoble Alpes, at the German Parliament and at UNESCO. I speak German, French, Spanish, Italian, English and Greek.

During the last decade, JEF has offered me amazing opportunities to meet like-minded people from different countries and backgrounds, to participate in exchanges and trips, to grow my capacities and improve my social competences through trainings and workshops, to create a network of socially engaged young people in all Europe, and to raise awareness about European citizenship and the vision of the federalization of Europe – often in activities I organized myself and often in activities where I was a participant of.

Motivation for the Position

During the last decade JEF has been a constant factor in my life, helping me grow as a person and as a citizen. Sometimes it has been through trainings, workshops and seminars, sometimes it has been through political activities, online campaigns and street actions. Most importantly, JEF is its members on all levels – and so I have gained many valuable friendships and numerous chances to exchange perspectives with like-minded people from different backgrounds and with different life stories. After I had the privilege to happily profit from all the various activities of JEF as a member and on national level, now it is time for me to give back to JEF Europe as much as I can. I want to invest all the experience that I have gathered as a JEFer and all the competences that my studies and work experience have offered me as an executive board member. I will dedicate myself in the activities of the board and contribute to the preparation of our activities, putting the transparency towards all members and the community building as priorities.

My Vision of the Future of JEF

JEF is simultaneously a youth organization and a youth community; we are in JEF because we want to engage in civil society and promote our agenda for youth participation in European politics, but also because we are like-minded people, passionate about an idea that often does not get the recognition it deserves and is misrepresented by the mainstream media and most political parties. I want to contribute to making sure JEF stands for a strong community building among its members from all levels and that it remains a safe space for a healthy debate and creative social interactions. Furthermore, JEF should prioritise the expansion of its network of politicians and stakeholders, and safeguard that as many members as possible come in contact with them and profit from opportunities to interact with them.

My opinion on the needed Political Commissions and Task Forces/ Working Groups

As an executive board member, I will advocate for the creation of a Task Force on the Network of Stakeholders, with the task of expanding our contacts with politicians and the civil society and with the goal to create a method and various opportunities for as many members as possible to benefit from the interaction with them. I also believe that our Task Force on Green Transition would profit from a focus on all Sustainable Development Goals and would propose having a Task Force on Sustainability instead of a Task Force on Green Transition; this Task Force would benefit greatly from contacts with institutions in charge of the monitoring and the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals in the different countries and organisations.

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