Arbitration Board Member

Below you can find the current published candidacies for the position of Arbitration Board Member of JEF Europe. Five persons can be elected for this position.

Flavia-Gabriela SANDU

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About Me

Hey everyone! I am Flavia, 25 years old, born and raised in a city in Romania that you probably never heard of (it's okay, no one ever does). I have been a member of JEF since 2017, having been involved on the local and national level in JEF Denmark, as well as being a PC2 chair in the FC in the 2019-2021 mandate. For the past 2 years I have been an EB member, which hopefully you might have been aware of. I have a bachelor’s degree in Language and International Studies, a master’s in European Studies, with a specialization in public policy, and I currently live in Brussels while interning at the European Parliament.

Other than JEFing, I enjoy sewing, watching video essays on sociological issues as well as fashion history, sword fighting, and drinking tea. I promise I am not as pretentious as this makes me sound.

Motivation for the position

I have been holding positions in the European bodies of JEF since 2019, which offered me great insight into relevant documents and procedures such as the statutes, the code of conduct, rules of procedure, credentials committee etc. I am familiar with the work of the Arbitration Board through the side of the people requesting and reading the information provided, which makes me believe I am also capable of reading (and interpreting) the statutes upon request.

In my time in JEF, I have seen the organization grow and develop significantly. With this, so have the rules and structures necessary for running JEF in a comprehensive way which ensures good governance and also a safe space for our members.

Moreover, I also placed in the top 3 in the famous (well, maybe not for you) quiz on the statutes of JEF Europe. I’ll gladly engage in another Kahoot Battle for Statutes Knowledge Supremacy, shall the Congress decide they’d like to see the AB candidates take it.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my candidacy and background.

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