Auditors' Committee Member

Below you can find the current published candidacies for the position of Auditors' Committee Member of JEF Europe. Two or three persons can be elected for this position.


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ADDITIONAL CONTACT: +33656821702; @celia_sciendi

About Me

I'm a student of Political Science and Economics in Paris and Bordeaux, France, and during my Erasmus in Constance, Germany, I discovered the world of JEF and JEF Europe in particular. I've also become a member of JEF France and in particular the local section in Bordeaux, where next week I'll be taking up a post as JEF's European relations officer. In addition, I was able to attend many JEF events with local and national sections all over Europe.

Motivation for the Position

I'm very interested in taking on this responsibility as it would allow me to get even more involved with JEF Europe, particularly by taking on a position that matches my skills in accounting and financial management.

I take this role very seriously, and I've already had the opportunity to manage and audit accounts during political campaigns (position of mandataire financier for the 2022 legislative elections in France).

I also know how to work as part of a team, as I firmly believe in the need for dialogue and listening to each other to make a team function.

If elected, I will assume my role as statutory auditor with dignity and seriousness, because I know the implications and duties that come with this position. I also know that this work is a necessary cog in the overall smooth running of JEF Europe, and that any failure to do so could be detrimental to it. This is why, in agreement and collaboration with my team, I will work meticulously to respect the duties and responsibilities assigned to me.

My Vision of the Future of JEF

In my view, JEF Europe should focus on issues of inclusion, equality and the protection of freedoms in Europe (including the protection of the fundamental principles of democracies).

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